February 16, 2017


Costs are individual to each account as the sites are custom-made.

This type of video below is fairly standard, however, so I can give a price.

ContactUs videos $50US each

These simply put a basic professional presence for you on Youtube, which include your contact details in an attractive, modern, short video. They are not a sales video but lead to your site which will do the selling for you.

The video is about 15 sec long, includes background music and can include Name, Phone, Address and Website. Its ranking can also be boosted through SEO techniques for an extra fee.


Other types of videos

Explainer videos 

Explain your brand product / service within seconds. Using graphics text in motion  and audio, they are easy to understand and enjoyable to watch. You use the power of storytelling to engage your visitors.

This is a very popular style and includes Cartoon animation, Whiteboard animation, Infographics, and Kinetic Typography.

Sales Videos

This is where you get to the point. You have a product/service and you want the prospect to take action as soon as possible. All sales videos must include a Call To Action (CTA) or they are virtually useless. The CTA may be to go to the buying page or give you a call where you close the deal.

You can also have. a CTA with your Explainer video too, even if it’s just saying “Call Now for More Information”.


A basic Facebook page  can be priced as well.

Basic Facebook page $175

But do contact us to see if what you want fits.



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