February 16, 2017

Get known

It’s not enough to be on the Internet; you need to add a Youtube,  Facebook, and G+ account and people and Google will take more notice of You.

Google is the world’s biggest advertising company and makes money from putting Ads on its search results.


Facebook has over 1.5 BILLION members, Youtube is the 2nd BIGGEST Search Engine in the world and G+ is Google’s version of Facebook.

G+ doesn’t have the same appeal (ie isn’t popular enough) as Facebook so Google boosts its significance artificially in the search algorithm. Google has stated it doesn’t take Facebook into account in its searches.

Search results give you a model (not quite the real thing) of what is popular (minus and plus Google’s tweaking).


This means Google is free to manipulate the results to maximise its profits.

We can add those accounts for you as well as others eg Twitter.

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