February 16, 2017


Page1Google.NET builds professional, cost-effective websites and web content for small to medium sized businesses.

Page1Google was formed specifically to take what is normally a complicated and confusing experience and turning it into a simple and intelligible process.

From our offices in the south of Sydney, Page1Google.NET  services the globe, with clients from Australia to England and back again.

We take care of website design and construction, video production, marketing & SEO and more.

Here is what Google  showed Feb 2017 when I typed in “page one google sydney”

page1google.NET  in the 3  top spots – out of 10!

And Sydney is the biggest city in Australia with 4.8 million people.

Lots of competition.

That’s the power of SEO done well.

Here’s another example, for a Pizza shop in a city of 4.8 million.

That’s a lot of Pizza competition!

So if you want page 1 for your business,

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