February 16, 2017


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will make your site and videos popular with the search engines , and in a way that brings them to the front according to what people are looking for.


Here is what comes up in Google when you search for “page 1 google sydney”

And Sydney is the biggest city in Australia with 4.8 million people.

Lots of competition.

The three top spots – out of 10!

That’s the power of SEO done well.

We made over 400 videos for this one phrase to get this result.

By promoting your content across the web, you make it easier for everyone to find you.
If you sell pizzas you’ll be competing against the likes of Pizza Hut and Eagle etc,
so you need a way to make you attractive to the search engines.
At Page1Google.net we obviously focus on Google since it is most of the traffic.

The main criterion for Google is Linking from other sites.
The more Google values the other site, the more highly it shows yours.
The way we help Google do that is to use its own tools where possible.

For example Youtube is owned by Google and if you have a properly optimised video on Youtube you’ve a good chance of it appearing on Page 1 of Google.
You will rarely see a video from Vimeo or DailyMotion on the from page of a Google search.
Another main one is Social linking. Links from Social sites eg Facebook Twitter G+ mean to Google that you’re popular and it better show you in the searches if Google wants to make money from the ads on the search page.
We can also link strongly to the secondary sites so a chain of linking goes from
Miscellaneous links > social > Google properties (eg G+ & Youtube) > Your site

Another powerful technique is to have other Youtube accounts linking to your video which feeds the “link-juice” to your site.

We have over 100 verified Youtube accounts ready to support you.

They can also direct link to your site.
It is crucial that links appear natural and so the ratio of direct linking to your site with the site’s name in it should be significantly less than that of the words Click Here linking to your site.
Also there is a preferred ratio of your site to http://yoursite.com to yoursite.com to http://yoursite.com/index.html
And of course you need a certain percentage of typos etc.

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